Nandikar’s six-month Actors’ Training Program 2016


We are glad to inform you that Nandikar’s six-month Actors’ Training Program 2016 is about to begin!

Please find below some Frequently Asked Questions on the Program:

What is this Program about?
It’s the flagship yearly actors’ training program conducted by Nandikar.

When is the training?
It will start on February 1, 2016 and will continue till the end of July, 2016. Workshops will be held every Monday from 5pm to 8pm (three hours) and every Saturday from 3pm to 8pm (five hours).

Where will the workshops happen?
The sessions will happen at the Federation Hall, which is opposite Rajabazar Science College and beside Brahmo Girls School, in Kolkata. Here is a Google map of the place:

Who will conduct the sessions?
The program is designed and presided over by Rudraprasad Sengupta.
In-house trainers of Nandikar including Rudraprasad Sengupta, Swatilekha Sengupta, Sohini Sengupta and Nandikar family will conduct the workshops. We also engage gurus from fields like dance, mime and music from time to time.

Who is it for?
The Program is for interested people aged between 18 and 30 years. If found exceptional, we might entertain some people above the age of 30.
(We have a separate round-the-year Sunday program for children between 5 to 18 years divided into three different age groups).

What will be the language of communication?
The sessions will primarily be conducted in Bengali.

Will I get a certificate of participation?
Yes, if you regularly attend the sessions and complete the course you would get a certificate from us stating so.

Will participation in the workshop imply that I become a regular performer of Nandikar’s productions?
Not necessarily. However, we have regularly been inducting new members into our fold through this Program. Such inductions are based on mutual compatibility, engagement and commitment.


So, friend, if you find the above arrangement suitable, please give us a call on 90514-87342 or 86972-66143 between 12 noon and 4pm  for further queries and to register your name!

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

22 Responses to “Nandikar’s six-month Actors’ Training Program 2016”

  1. Thanks a lot ..I have been waiting for this chance.thanks ..

  2. I was eagerly waiting for this opportunity
    Thank you for your response

    • You’re welcome. Do not forget to call and register for the Interaction Session.

      • আমি বাইরে ছিলাম বেশ কিছু দিন। আর tower সমস্যার জন্য যোগাযোগ করতে চেয়েও ব্যর্থ হয়েছি বারবার। সবেমাত্র ঘরে ফিরে যোগাযোগ করতে গিয়ে নম্বরটা Switched off পেলাম। আমি কিভাবে আর একটা সুযোগ পেতে পারি যোগাযোগের?

  3. Sir,looking forward to get this opportunity.

  4. Dear sir, i dont know bengoli only hind and eng. So can i also join nandikar?? And how much fees for six month training?

  5. sir, how much fees for six month training?

  6. I am interested for the training. But i am not able to come in before march. Because my personal reason…. so what I do?

  7. Can you please tell me the fees of the six months training program?

  8. Sir, I am waiting for 20th January.When I have to appear for the interview session.

    Thanking You.
    Mousumi Chakraborty.

  9. Sir my daughter is six years old,so she give this opportunity?

  10. sir, how much fees for six month training?

  11. interested…….can i apply

  12. Hello,
    I have got the information a little late. Please let me know the fees of the training programme.This is a golden opportunity for me to learn acting. I am 27 years old and want to execute my this passion into a living dream. Can I apply now?

  13. bol6i ami bhulega6ilm kal krte …….ma bol6e ki 6 mash r training 2o nili….poisa khor6a…kore……abr kano bhotti hote chai6is………..ami bujhte par6ina ki krbo..ami abr jukto hote chai 2omadr saathe……………pls gv suggstn……

  14. I found out about this today, I am interested to be a part of is programme. Could I still be enrolled ? I would also like to know the tuition fee for this theatre workshop.

  15. Sir i am not very much comfortable in bengali speaking but i am good in english and hindi so it is better for me to… Join nandikar??

  16. এখানেই ফিরে আসবেন তিনি; এখানেই ফিরে আসবেন তাঁরা। শেখভ পথ ভুল করবেন কি করে ? দীর্ঘদিন আরও দীর্ঘতর হয়ে দেখা দেবে ছায়ায়, আলোয়, সজ্জায়, মঞ্চে, যুদ্ধে। এ-নাম তবু সে নাম নয়। এ-নামের উল্টোপিঠ ছিল তরল হীরক। এখানেই ফিরে আসবেন তিনি; অজিতেশ; এখানেই ফিরে আসবেন তাঁরা; কেয়া-অজিতেশ।

  17. I am interested for the training. But i am not able to join in before June. Because for study …. so, sir/ma’am what I do ?

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