Chring Chring

Natya Chetana (Odisha), Oriya

3:00 pm, December 23 , 2012


The story begins with a happy life of Yellow Birds (HaldiBasant) and a couple is trying to have their nest with a dream that the female will lay eggs and they have their kids. But whenever they build a nest a Monkey comes and jumps over the tree and their nest is broken. So they request the Monkey to take care of their nest. But the Monkey becomes careless. At a point, the Yellow Bird Couple threatens the Monkey to go to the Court of Law run under King Bear. Monkey accepts the challenge and breaks the nest. The Yellow Bird Couple appeal to the fellow birds and appoint Crow as their Lawyer. As the case is filed the King gets angry and wishes to punish the Monkey. But the Monkey plays a trick. He says – ‘Please give your decision after analyzing back and forth.’ So the foolish King looks to the Back side of his Throne and suddenly discovers something there and changes his mind. The King declares Monkey as free because it is his natural behavior to jump on branches to eat fruits as a vegetarian animal. The Yellow Birds get defeated and returns from the Court. Nowa small Rat arrives and informs that the Monkey had put a nice and big Jackfruit behind the Throne as a bribe. While the King is eating that Jackfruit with the Monkey serving him flatteringly, all the birds unite against this injustice and attack the King. The masses finally win over the powerful Bear after a simple united fight.

However, this story is contextualized in the contemporary prevalence of corruption.


This story has been improvised by many Playwrights and Directors in Odisha and particularly for children. Now this is improvised to make it contemporary and more for adults. The special features will be : The animal and bird characters will be appropriate to similar human-characters of present days.


Story: Mohapatra Nilamani Sahu

Direction: Subodh Patnaik
Stage Manager: Simanchal
Costume: Samir/Simon, Rabindra
Properties: Dipa, Jitu
Exhibition and Publicity: Biplab
Documentation: Milu
Logistic managers: Budhia
Team Manager: Sujata (Bebi)
Musicians on stage: Pabitra mausa, Budhadeb, Jayant, Micheng
Cast: Sujata, Manoj, Simanchal, Nilambara, Budhadeb, Gauranga, Debaraj, Dipa, Jabanta, Yang, Samir, Simon, Srinibas, Rabindra, Manas, Khang, Roon, Micheng, Lalita, Manas, Jayant

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