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25 April 2019
Nandikar Kolkata

TNN | Apr 4, 2018, 01.14 PM IST

There was a time when he was just 45 kilos. Saptarshi Moulik from Nandikar, who is among the hottest men on the Bengali stage today, told us about his transformation. A fitness freak, he hits the gym six days a week and works out for two hours at a stretch. “I like active sports. It can be anything like swimming or sprinting, but since that’s not what you can do every day, I work out at the gym. Also, I prefer weight training,” he said. Saptarshi takes exercise as seriously as his rest day. “On Sundays, I never work out. Also, it’s my cheat day and I like to have an ice cream or a bar of chocolate. That keeps my cravings at bay,” he said. The stage actor, who follows a high-protein, low-carb diet, says he takes two rotis a day, along with veggies and chicken. “One fruit a day is a must. Though bananas give you energy, I take an apple, as it curbs my sweet craving. Also, I feel nothing can give you more energy than water. So, I keep myself hydrated all day,” he said. Saptarshi is working in Mrityunjay, Rani Kadambini, Byatikrom, Panchajanya simultaneously and is currently 72 kilos.

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